Custom builds

Build A Custom Bike With Quella Custom Builds

If you have been looking for a bike that is a little different, then look no further. The Quella Team love creating sexy, custom single-speed bikes for our clients. A one-off design is sure to turn heads on your commute and we have a variety of options available from a bit of accessorising to creating a complete one-off in your preferred colour and finish.

Whatever your vision, we’ll work with you to bring it to life, and deliver you a beautiful bike.

Let’s build a fixie!


Inspired by the James Bond movie villain with a penchant for all things gold, this one-off bike was a product of our bike builder, Harman’s, imagination.  Custom sprayed in a premium, metallic, gold finish and finished with all black componentry including a black fork and a Sturmey Archer chainset, this is a classy looking bike.  Drop bars with hooded brake levers and Kenda gum-wall tyres complete the sporty look.
‘Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger??’  
‘No Mr Bond – I expect you to DIE!!!!’
This bike features on the one-offs page and is available now.

Build Price approx £729

Quella Nero Single Speed bike goldfinger 54
Quella Nero Single Speed Bike 58

The red baron

Manfred Von Richtofen, AKA ‘The Red Baron’ was the German WW1 fighter ace who painted his plane red and black to strike fear into his opponents.  A bit of a nutter for sure, but his plane looked wicked!!  His tactic worked and he quickly became the number 1 German pilot of WW1.  Here at Quella, we do not encourage striking fear into other cyclists but we love a great looking bike and a good back-story!!
Apart from the custom-sprayed red finish, additional features to set this custom bike apart are the black forks, matching black bone saddle, drop bars with hooded brake levers, 32mm super-durable Schwalbe tyres with K-guard, and Sturmey Archer 2 tone chain set.
Attack the streets on this one-off machine currently available in our one-off custom’s section.

Custom built for £729

Gold mag

We can’t be 100% sure that Sam Sparro was singing about a Quella custom bike in his song Black and Gold but the lyrics are a bit vague so we like to think so!!
This beauty has the only gold mag wheel ever produced by Quella with fork, bar taps and chain also picked out in gold to create a great looking twist on our Nero Stealth.  Its available in our one-off custom’s so grab it while it’s still around.

Build Price approx £749

Quella Stealth Fixie Black and gold
Quella Custom Fixie Manchester Bee

The manchester bee

There is no chance of missing this beauty, designed by fixie rider Steve in Manchester and inspired by one of the best-known symbols of the city.  The Manchester worker bee has been an emblem of the city for over 150 years and embodies the city’s vibrancy and work ethic.  This great looking bike was spec’ed with a bright yellow paint job, black componentry, black front and rear mag wheels front and rear, and black riser bars and is designed to buzz around in fixed gear.’

Custom built for £849

O'Neill's wheels


This twist on a Varsity Imperial was the brainchild of Daniel O’Neill, one of Quella’s owners.  He wanted something eye-catching to ride when Team Quella took on the the London-Brighton Bike Ride on single-speed bikes and this beauty certainly did the trick and attracted lots of comments on the day.  Based on a 4130 Chromoly frame in a stunning chrome finish and finished with a cream wheel set and tan tyres, saddle and tape with Varsity silver components, it’s an instant classic.

Build Price approx £629

Quella Custom Fixie O'Neills Wheels
Quella Custom Bike Brunel

The Brunel beauty

Liam Walpole loved our Varsity range but he felt that buying a bike bearing the name of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh or Imperial would constitute an act of treason having graduated from London’s Brunel University. Quella were happy to help and The Brunel Beauty was created to Liam’s spec. We wanted to call it Walpole’s Wheels but Liam’s good taste prevailed and, as he has designed such a great looking bike, we couldn’t argue.

Based on a 4130 Chromoly frame custom-sprayed in British Racing Green with Varsity premium black and silver components and finished with a Varsity style Brunel logo and stripes. It is a lovely looking bike and has us all thinking whether the next addition to the Varsity range might steal a couple of ideas from this classic colourway – but don’t worry Liam, Walpole’s Wheels will always remain unique!!

Custom built for £749

The RAF Bike 'Airforce One' 

Quella have had a long association with Action Medical Research and have been a sponsor at the fantastic Champions of Cyclesport fundraising dinner for many years, always donating a bike for the auction.  This year’s event couldn’t go ahead so the auction went online and the successful bidder for a Quella Custom bike was a serving member of the Royal Air Force.  This beauty was built around a dark blue Varsity Oxford frame, it was then built with premium componentry and custom livery around the RAF colours.  Quella’s ‘Airforce One’ is much prettier than Donald’s and much kinder to the planet!!

Custom built for £629

RAF Bike - Airforce 1 Quella
Quella Ahads Green Dream

Ahad's Green Dream

Ahad was looking for a super-cool commuter to keep him off the tube on his daily London commute and ‘dreamt up’ this gorgeous design using a Quella 4130 Chromo frame custom-sprayed in super-dark fern green with a metallic lacquer finish that looks amazing in the light.  The black finishing kit looks great with premium Varsity tape in brown ‘vegan friendly’ faux leather for a classic look.  A few very subtle pops of red on the headcap, logo, and tyre valves finish this great looking bike off – she is a beauty!

Custom built for £749


Sometimes Custom Builds don’t need any frame paint change to make them unique.  We’ve taken our standard Cambridge Chromo frame and added a few details, gum-walled tyres, black wheels, handlebars and a black bone saddle, to make a bit of ‘Super Hero’ bike.  Oh, and we might have been a little influenced by that great Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles….

Custom built for £629

Frozone Quella Cambridge Bike

The Vienna

This beautiful cream bike was a one-off for Mrs Vardai in Vienna, Austria. Based on a Varsity chromoly frame using off the shelf Quella Varsity components it has a custom cream paint finish complimented with tan saddle, tape, and tyres. A classic looking bike.

Custom built for £749

The Mellor Fella

The ‘Mellor Fella’ designed by and named after the one and only Quella owner Mr Mellor. A super cool twist on a Varsity Imperial perfect for smashing some fast, fixie training runs. Available to purchase on the One-Off’s page.

Custom built for £679

The Photoshop

At first Dylan was drawn to the Varsity Cambridge, but after his wife began to play with the colours on Photoshop they found exactly what he’d been looking for. Dylan came to us with his request and The Photoshop was born.

Custom built for £749

An Ode to 'Big G' / Tour De France Winner 2018

With a welsh contingent within team Quella we took the time last year to create a one off ‘Tour de France Yellow’ singlespeed bike to commemorate his outstanding achievement. Hats off to the boys in the workshop and to big G, good luck in 2019!!

Custom built for £729

Black and Gold

Our team members take a keen interest in building customs so every now and then we give them a frame and free reign over parts and this was recently born.

Custom built for £529

The Pista

This bike was custom-made for a London based designer who wanted to incorporate Miche Pista wheels with the red hubs to provide a bit of colour to this sleek, black machine, based on a Signature One frame.

Custom built for £749

New York City Copper

Once again a limited edition bicycle built especially for Ted Baker to mark the opening of their flagship New York store, a copper plated finish with a choice of black spots or stripes. A truly original looking machine that will mark you out from the crowd, only a limited number were made and most were sold in New York so adding one of these to your bike stable will definitely set you apart.

Custom built for £1499

Track Signature One

Built from scratch for ‘Racing Will’, our local Crit racer and bike lover. This track bike was based on a Signature One frame with a smart vintage style paint job, track wheels with 50mm deep-V rims complete the racing look.

Custom built for £949

Copper Beauty

This little beauty was built from scratch for James, our distributor based in the Mallorcan cycling mecca of Pollenca. A special from start to finish with copper plated frame, hand-made leather saddle / bar tape and chromed deep-V rims. A very pretty single speed bicycle.

Custom built for £1499

James The Painter's bike

A colourful bike for a colourful man! Based on a Signature One, we added custom paint enhanced with the yellow accents.

Custom built for £649

Not Made In Chelsea

A special purple bike created for Made in Chelsea’s Amber Atherton to promote her brand ‘My Flash Trash’, based on the original Trinity frame, the bike had a special paint finish.

Custom built for £649

The Pink Panther

This pretty in pink machine with five-spoke Aero front wheel created by Quella for the Vitamin Water brand as part of a promotion for the company.

Custom built for £829

Mark's Machine

Longstanding Cambridge client Mark designed this bike based on a Signature One frame finish in copper paint (rather than plated) with a 5 spoke Aero wheel, carbon track forks, ‘origami’ mudguard, Famma ‘Proto’ saddle. A few subtle changes to make a very distinctive urban bike.

Custom built for £829

Ted Baker Collab

Part of a series built as a limited edition bike for our friends at Ted Baker this vintage 22speed racer has a beautiful lugged frame with a copper plate and painted finish, complimented by full Campagnolo groupset. Only a very few of these rare bikes are available in three exclusive colours, call for information on stocks.

Custom built for £1999

The Roast Beef Club Marines Special

The bike featured is a custom Military inspired Quella Evo specially commissioned for The Roast Beef Club charity dinner where the bike was auctioned off on St Georges Day to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity.

Custom built for £749

Why Build A Custom Bike?

A custom Quella will set you apart from the crowd, whether it’s a graphic to reflect your business or brand or full custom paint finish to create a complete one-off, we can assist.  Components can be sourced and fitted in our workshop to your specification.  We can accommodate simple changes such as fitting some gravel tyres for your towpath commute or changing your wheel colour, to completely rethinking the specification to build your dream single-speed or fixie.

If you are looking for design inspiration, check out our custom page on the website to see some previous examples.

Custom Bike FAQ

What’s the difference between a fixie and a single speed bike?

“Fixie” is a term for bikes with a single rear sprocket that is directly connected to the rider without a freewheel.  So, if your feet are moving, so is your back wheel and if the back wheel is moving, so are your feet.  Fixies are great fun to ride and are recognised by cyclists as a great training aid as you develop a smoother pedal stroke and leg strength when you are forced to keep the pedals moving.  Fixie enthusiasts also have an array of tricks in their locker from track-stands to backwards riding, skid stops and many others. A quick search on Instagram using the term fixie will quickly introduce you to the world fixie culture.  

‘’Single-speed’’ bikes look exactly like fixies but the rear hub has a free-wheel sprocket so that you can stop pedalling and the rear wheel will continue to turn just like any normal bike.  Single speeds look great, are super-simple to ride and maintain and are great for anyone who is nervous about riding ‘fixed’.  

Importantly, all Quella bikes come with a ‘flip-flop’ rear hub.  One side is a fixed sprocket, the other side is a freewheel and changing from one to the other is a two-minute job that can be done by anyone using the tool that we provide with the bike.  This means that any Quella can be ridden fixed or as a single-speed so you can try both styles of riding and pick your favourite.

Is a custom bike right for me?

If you ride a bike, a custom bike is for you. If it’s a unique look then we can work with you on everything from graphics and bar tape, to a completely unique paint finish and if fancy componentry is your thing, we can source anything from a coloured tyre valve to a complete bespoke specification including wheels, drivetrain and handlebars.

Can I choose the colour?

We can spray your frame and forks in any colour from the RAL paint chart. The RAL colour chart is a UK colour standard and incorporates pretty much every shade of colour you could imagine.  RAL colours can be found here.

Do I have to assemble my custom bike?

Not really!  

Your bike will arrive 90% assembled. Leave the heavy stuff to us, then your bike will be delivered with the tools for you to attach the pedals, handlebars and pop the front wheel on.  Search “Quella final assembly” on YouTube for a full tutorial on the final assembly of your bike.

How much are your custom bikes?

Prices vary depending on your finish with prices starting around £499.00 for a bike with a few modifications to suit you.  If you want your frame sprayed in a colour of your choice, this puts the starting price up to around the £650 mark.  A short chat on the phone is all that we need and we can put together a quick budget price for you in a few minutes.