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No Gears, No Problems

Quella Bikes is a British single speed bike designer and retailer. Established in 2012, we intend to bring the joy of a single speed, fixed gear bicycle to bike lovers everywhere. Every bike we sell is of exceptional quality – and at a great value! We pride ourselves on our stylish, vintage designs.

We pride ourselves on our customer service.  Just check out our reviews.

Single Speed & Fixie Bikes

One Gear Is Enough

Experience a bike ride like no other with our range of single speed and fixie bikes. Sleek, modern and minimalist, perfect for everyday urban bike riding. They’re responsive, light and fast, making each single speed bike ride effortlessly enjoyable, regardless of the occasion! With two brake cables and a single gear, these bikes are easy to maintain and use. Jump on and ride off with no fuss!

Range starts from £429

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Range starts from £1995

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Range starts from £490

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The Quella Electric Varsity Range Of SIngle Speed Bikes

Featuring innovative battery and motor technology, the E-Quella Electric Bike combines vintage style with an inconspicuous and integrated electric motor pedal-assist drive system. By harnessing kinetic energy, this bike charges as you ride.  

Our E-Quella bike is incredibly versatile. Make your commute without breaking a sweat or ride further than ever before. Exert less effort and spend more time in the saddle without compromising on style.

Weight: 13.9 kgs (51cm), 13.9 kgs (54cm), 15.2 kgs (58cm), 15.2 kgs (61cm)

Voted best e-bike by The Strategist Magazine

Quella e-bike Review by Cycling Electric Magazine 2022

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – we have expert bike dealers spread across the UK who can talk you through the mechanics of the bike, help you out with sizing or just sort you out with a test ride. 

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High Quality Products & Excellent Customer Service

Each member of staff at Quella Bikes is passionate about cycling. We’ve combined our industry experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver exactly the right advice for you.

We understand that every client is different, and we tailor our service accordingly. You can trust us to find the perfect bike for you. Following the purchase, our after-sales care team will continue to support you, providing further advice if needed.

Check independent review site eKomi to see what our customers make of our products and services.

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We’re are offering you FREE Laka insurance cover for 30 days on any bike with code QUELLA30DAYFREE 

Activate your 30 days of free Laka cover for protection against theft, damage and loss, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Shop Now, Pay Later With Klarna

We've Introduced Klarna To Make Buying With Us Less Hassle And Even More Affordable

Ride away on a Quella Varsity for as little as £149.67 per month. We don’t charge interest or late payment fees. 

Browse our fixed and single gear range, or use our custom build service to create the perfect bike to reflect your personality and style!



One of our Quella ambassador’s will be tackling the Urban Hill Climb, the only hill climb within within Greater London.

. Whether you’re racing, riding for fun or simply spectating, this is an event with an incredible atmosphere and a great day out for all.

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Supporting the London Cycling Campaign – London Dynamo

Bicycles, Components, Accessories & Equipment

We specialise in providing the urban cyclist with everything they need to travel around the city in style and comfort. We offer beautifully designed single speed bikes and accompanying accessories. Visit our range of tyres, saddles, lights, locks, mudguards and more!

At Quella, we believe that each bike ride should be comfortable, fun and memorable. Each product we sell is of exceptional quality, and our collection is expertly curated to maximise the quality of your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

why don't QUELLA BICYCLES HAVE more than one GEAR?

We have designed and sold single-speed and fixed-gear bicycles since we started Quella in 2012.  There are many benefits to these types of bicycles including:

  – Fewer parts to purchase and maintain
  – Simple to use – Affordable prices in comparison to geared bicycles– Ideal for urban riding on flattish terrain
  – Very light – More thorough workout than a geared bike, leading to increased strength
  – Customisable – Great looking


On a fixie, the rear sprocket has no freewheel mechanism so the pedals will turn with the back wheel as they are ‘fixed’ together by the chain.  A single speed bike has a freewheel mechanism so that the bike will freewheel (roll along) with your feet stationary.  On a fixie, you need to keep pedalling at all times, even when rolling down a hill.  All of our bikes have brakes fitted, but expert fixie riders can stop the bike using a skid technique by sharply pedalling backwards and locking the rear wheel.  Fixies can also be used for trick riding like pedalling backwards, holding trackstands etc.  Quella supply ALL bicycles with a ‘flip-flop hub’ as standard, this means there is a freewheel sprocket on one side and a fixed sprocket on the other so all bikes can be ridden fixed or with freewheel depending on your preference. 

Are Quella bicycles suitable for urban areas?

Yes!  Quella bicycles are perfect for urban areas because they are lightweight, simple to ride, easy to carry, and will turn heads with their modern and minimalist design. They are the perfect solution for the stylish urban commuter making regular short to medium trips. Please note that, whilst many of our customers do undertake longer rides, our bikes are not designed for long-distance trips because they do not have gears to help you on the big hills you might find on a long country ride. 

Is riding a fixed-gear bike hard?

Riding a fixed gear bike is not difficult but it takes a bit of getting used to!  It is great for your cycling technique and will improve your pedal stroke and your fitness. 

Are there any common problems with fixie bikes I should be aware of before purchase?

Single-speed and fixed-gear bikes are great for commuting, short trips around your neighborhood and require less maintenance than a geared bike.  If you have long or steep hills on your commute or live in a very hilly area, a single speed bike is going to make you work harder to get up those gradients as you only have the one gear.  

Quella Coloured Wheelsets

Want to customise your Fixie?

Whether you’re customising your existing bike or creating your own fixie from new, at Quella we’ve got wheelsets in a range of colours.

Why not go the whole hog and unleash your inner creativity.  Change the handlebars, add some funky handlebar tape, colour tyres and a new saddle and you’ve got your very own fixie – unique to you!