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Quella Bicycle Ltd
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Tel: +44 (0) 333 4002400

For all order queries, customisation requests or for a general chat please contact us using any of the details above. We’re available from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.


We understand that not everyone is comfortable with buying on-line so we work with a network of first class bike shops where you can see our bikes and get expert help.  Our dealers supply our bikes fully assembled as well as offering accessories and after-sales servicing.  Call or e-mail with your postcode for a dealer introduction.  When possible, we will work with our dealers to ensure that the exact bike you are interested in is available in-store ready for your visit.

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  • On a fixie, the rear-cog is fixed to the rear wheel which means that they are unable to rotate independently of each other. So, if the wheels are moving then the pedals will as well, just like on a child’s tricycle. Bearings in the sprocket mean that this is not the case for single-speed bikes however. The wheels can turn even if the pedals are not, enabling the rider to coast. So, fixed-gear and single-speed bikes differ in that fixies do not permit coasting whilst single-speed bikes do. All Quella bikes come with a ‘Flip-Flop Hub’ meaning they come with both a fixed and a single-speed rear sprocket. All the rider needs to do is turn the rear wheel around to switch between the two.

  • Yes, it will. We often photograph our bikes without brakes or pedals for aesthetic purposes but rest assured they come with both.

  • Your bike will arrive 90% assembled. You will need to attach the pedals, brakes and handlebars, drop the seat post in and tighten all the bolts. The bike comes with a multi-spanner, as-well as a 4,5 & 6mm Allen-Key which is all you will need to put it together. It is possible to build the bike with just a moderate knowledge of bicycles but Quella highly recommends that all bikes be built by a professional bike mechanic for safety and proper tuning. Shipping direct to your local bike store for assembly is possible.

  • All the tools you will need to do the final assembly of your Quella bike will be supplied with your bike. All except a tyre pump.

  • Gear ratios are calculated by dividing the number of ‘Teeth’ on the main chainring by the number of ‘Teeth’ on the rear-cog. The higher this number, the harder it is to accelerate and the higher the potential top-speed that can be achieved. As this number, or ratio, gets lower however, accelerating becomes easier and the potential top-speed decreases. The way you can adjust this ratio is to change the number of ‘Teeth’ on either of the sprockets. To increase the ratio you need to either increase the number of ‘Teeth’ on the main chainring or decrease the number of ‘Teeth’ on the rear-cog. Conversely, to decrease the ratio you must either decrease the number of ‘Teeth’ on the main chainring or increase the number of ‘Teeth’ on the rear-cog. Our bikes are setup to ensure the best fit for commuters. This means that the rider can get plenty of speed on the straights whilst still being able to set off easily from the lights.

  • We accept all major Credit or Debit cards. Payments are carried out securely via PayPal Pro.
  • You will receive an order confirmation via email upon receipt of your order, an invoice upon payment and a despatch note when the bike has been sent out – in which you will find your tracking details. You can use these details to log onto the associated shipping company website – a link for which will be provided in the despatch email – to find out when your delivery will arrive. Alternatively, the customer service departments of the respective shipping companies are very good so give them a call if you need to know in more detail when your bike will arrive.

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