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Veloforte Energy Bars – Mixed Pack


1x Classico, 1 x Ciocco and 1 x Di Bosco Veloforte Natural Energy Bar

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The World’s finest endurance nutrition

And now for something completely different….

The team at Quella believes real food  is best in every respect, but especially when it comes to providing fuel when you’re out on your fixie.

Veloforte energy bars are nutritious, delicious and 100% natural – we know because we’ve tasted them all!   So much better than your usual gloopy gels or artificial tasting, sugar laden energy bars, our Quella ‘tasters’ said the Veloforte bars were very filling and that somehow you could tell they were good for you.

Each bar is handmade to provide the optimal balance of performance enhancing carbs and essential proteins and fibre. (Contains Nuts).

Veloforte’s 100% natural bars are the only nutrition products to have ever won the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

The Classico Bars are packed full of citrus fruits, crunchy almonds and honey.

The Ciocco Bars are crammed full of chewy dates, crunchy almonds and enriching cocoa.

The Di Bosco Bars are full to the brim of red berries, almonds, pistachios, rosemary and more.


1x Classico, 1 x Ciocco and 1 x Di Bosco Veloforte Energy Bar (Each 70g).