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Electric Varsity Collection – Edinburgh


  • Lightweight, ideal for city living
  • Operates with Bluetooth Technology
  • Up to 60km in one charge
  • Battery recharges as you ride
  • Tamper-proof alarm & wheel lock function
  • Peddle assist up to 30km/h


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New in 2020, the Quella ELECTRIC Varsity range of fixie bikes.

The same vintage retro look but with an inconspicuous revolutionary electric motor pedal-assist drive system that enables partial re-charging whilst you ride using the kinetic energy of the bike.

The Quella Generation II electric hub is at the very forefront of technology offering the simplest and cleanest design pedal assist cycle system with minimal weight gain. The Quella electric with 4 power levels including boost mode, provides the opportunity to ride single speed but puts you in control of how much effort you exert – say goodbye to sweaty rides (if you want to!). You can arrive at work fresh as a daisy or opt to put in some or all of the power yourself and get a great workout.

The technology is revolutionary as both the motor and battery fits inside the rear hub in a handsome, stainless steel plated body. It contains a powerful brushless electric motor that complies with the ped-elec standard so no need for tax, insurance or a licence. Bluetooth technology links the hub to your handlebar remote and your phone so you manage your hub settings through an app. The hub includes the regenerative KERS system, similar technology as used in Formula One engines in which energy can be converted to recharge and power the battery whilst in motion.

Our eye-catching Varsity Edinburgh is named after Scotland’s most prestigious university town.  This single speed bike is painted with an attractive stone grey frame, evocative of Edinburgh’s famous stone architecture.

Bicycle Frame Features:

· Premium paint finishes and detailing

· Cro-mo 4130 track frame and fork

· All new premium Vintage design CNC Crank Set

· Wide bore handle bar with premium vegan friendly leather bar tape

· Quella premium body geo comfort saddle

· Sealed bearing headset

· 700c 40mm Deep V rims with a front sealed bearing wheel hub.

· Sealed bearing bottom bracket.

Electric Hub Key Features:

· Blue-tooth connectivity allows you to link your mobile phone to the bit-ride app providing a dashboard of features so you can manage the hubs internal control settings and monitor your ride (full instructions included).

· Lightweight 3.2kg hub includes controls, battery and motor.

· Hub motor is 250W assisting the rider up to 25km/h.

· Automatic turn-on and turn-off of the battery.

· Motor assistance turns on once the bike reaches 3km “As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor will stop pushing”.

· Re-charge the battery as you ride using the integrated KERS (Kinetic Energy Recuperation System). To activate the re-charge you need to pedal backwards activating regenerative braking which will slow bike, subsequently using the energy to re-charge the battery.

· Full instruction guide booklet provided.

Electric Hub Technical Data:

Drive Unit:

· Rate Power 250W

· Maximum torque 20Nm

Battery Pack:

· 29.2 Volts

· Rated Capacity 5300 mAh

· Energy 154.8 Wh


· Weight 3.2 Kg

· Operating Temperature: -20 degrees to +70 degrees

· Storage temperature: -40 degrees to +60 degrees

· Charging Temperature: -20 degrees to +60 degrees

· Degree of protection: IP54


· Voltage Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

· Output voltage 31.2V

· Charging current 1.5A

· Charging time 3 Hours



Frame: Cro-mo 4130 Track Geometry
Forks: Cro-mo 4130 Track Profile
Crank: Quella Premium Vintage CNC Aluminium 44T
Pedals: Wellgo Platform
Gear ratio: 44T/16T
Hubs: Joytech Flip/Flop
Rims: Quella 40mm Deep-V Double Wall CNC Braking Surface
Tyres: Kenda West 25c
Brakes: Radius Dual Pivot Calliper
Handlebars: Quella Premium Bullhorn with 31.8 Bore
Stem: Quella Premium 90mm reach
Saddle: Quella Premium Varsity Body Geo Comfort Saddle
Seat Post: Micro Adjust 27.2
Headset: Quella CNC Sealed Bearing
Stand Over Height: 28.5″ (51cm), 30″ (54cm), 33″ (58cm), 34″ (61cm)
Weight inc Electric Hub: 17.35 kgs (51cm), 17.35 kgs (54cm), 17.75 kgs (58cm), 17.95 kgs (61cm)


  • All our bikes are sent out as single-speed by default, but if you would like it to be set up in fixed-gear simply mention this in the comments section of your order. Thanks to the Flip-Flop hub you can easily switch between the two by simply turning the rear wheel around.

  • In single-speed, the wheels move independently of pedal rotations, allowing you to coast. In fixed gear, if the wheels are moving then so are the pedals – just like a child’s tricycle.

  • Your bike will arrive 90% assembled. You will need to attach the pedals, brakes and handlebars, drop the seat post in and tighten all the bolts.  The required tools are sent with the bike, and we’ve set up an online video to help, just search for ‘Quella – Final Assembly’ in YouTube.

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Quella Edinburgh Electric single speed bicycle

Our Guarantee

All Quella Bicycle frames and forks are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship for a set period. This period is 12 months for all Quella brand complete bikes and frame sets. Warranty also includes coverage on bicycle components for sixty days from the original date of purchase. This warranty applies to the original owner only and is not transferable. Proof of purchase may be required.