• Commuter Bundle
  • SKS Fixed Black Rear Mudguard
  • Quella Bottle-holder
  • Quella Multi-tool
  • Hiplok Lite Wearable Chain Lock
  • Rear Pannier Rack

Commuter Accessory Bundle

£125.00 £79.00

Selection of ‘Commuter’ accessories for your bike.

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Here you are, you’ve stepped up to the big leagues and cycling is your life. You cycle so much that people wonder what you look like when not wearing lycra. For you, we’ve produced the Commuter Bundle, full of necessities for your cycling career. We started off by throwing in a bottle holder and Quella Multi-tool because however advanced you may be, everyone has basic needs.

Now onto the exciting stuff, we’ve upgraded your lock to a HIPLOK Lite giving you that extra bit of protection, plus it fits the urban look you’ve definitely been going for. We’ve also upgraded the mudguard from an S-Guard to an S-Blade, before we go on everyone knows the word ‘Blade’ sounds cooler than ‘Guard’ so you’re already onto a winner. The S-Blade offers more protection and slots onto the back of a Quella like they were made for one another.

However, the real MVP of this bundle is the Rear rack. Offering a nice perch for your case of beers, or a place to rest your bag on your way to another spin class, this rack offers the perfect support you need without sacrificing the urban finish or performance. Prepare for a celebrity lifestyle and a lot of photographs.



Quella Multi-Tool

Bottle Holder

SKS S-Blade fixed rear mudguard


Rear Pannier Rack

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