• 700 x 35c Gravel / Trekking Tyre

700 x 35C Gravel/Trekking Tyre (Set)


Includes 2 x tyres

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About / Specification

The dedicated multi-purpose tyre for asphalt and track. The tread pattern makes for easier rolling and the rubber compound gives excellent grip. The continuous design at the centre and the high number of grooves at the shoulders give excellent grip on wet and greasy surfaces.

Key Features:

  • 35C wider tyre for increased comfort
  • Fits all Quella bicycles
  • 2 x tyres included in set
  • 1 mm thick anti-puncture reinforcement provides effective protection for everyday use.
  • Progressive grooving rate with more grooves at the shoulders for excellent grip on wet and greasy surfaces.
  • Rolling continuity at the centre for greater efficiency on the road or track.
  • 700mm wheel size, 35mm width