Our Story


It was in an old Ely pub overlooking the canal, enjoying one-too-many pints, when the pedals were set in motion. In Spring 2012 Mark and Jordan setup shop in The Old Egg Shed, which in another life was a humble chicken coop.  

Now, still in The Egg Shed, their blend of old-fashioned craftsmanship, stylish design and personal service that goes into every Quella bike is rolled out across the globe. From the green pastures of Cambridgeshire to the animated back-streets of Tokyo, our bikes are found in the hands of an eclectic mix of commuters, athletes and fashionistas alike.



Our zeal for style that doesn't break the bank, ensures we will continue to remain one step ahead in the cycling world; providing affordable, superior quality and a personal service to our customers from the heart of the British countryside.

Our bikes are the perfect antidote for an uninspired and overpriced market. Nestled between thoroughbred track racing and urban fashion, with a classic diamond form and an understated minimalist aesthetic, all culminating in something that is much a piece of art as a performance-driven machine.


What People Say

"With an emphasis on craftsmanship and design, their single-speed bikes soon became a hipster staple, popping up everywhere from Hoxton to Tokyo."

Quella in the Guardian

"You have got to give this guy credit, starting from scratch in a chicken shed or some other farmyard building, Mark Langley builds fixed gear bikes. Bloody good fixies that are not only functional but are fast becoming a bit of a fashion accessory. I for one am unashamedly waiting for my free sample model to review under solemn oath that I will return it (yeah right). Quella is fast becoming the de riguer of not just the commuter fraternity with people using them for training sportives and even track I believe. And national retailers are queuing up to stock em"

Kerst Ward, www.blikeog.blogspot.co.uk

"So what sets the Quella One apart from its rivals? Well, the answer is in the detail and the finishes available."

Bike Radar & Quella

"A bicycle company based in Cambridge that sells the coolest and chicest bikes. Mine is black with yellow branding and spokes, like a speedy bumblebee."

Edie Campbell, Face of Burberry

"Your bikes are a work of art!"

Hamish Jenkinson, Director Old Vic Tunnels, Trustee Kevin Spacey Foundation

"Ted Baker partnered with Quella for a retro-fantastic road bike collection."

Quella in PocketLint

"After being a typical 'you need gears' cyclist I have been converted! Never again will I buy a geared bike. The simplicity is stunning and the style follows that too. The bike alone seems to create positive remarks from others whilst stopped at a red light. A pleasure to ride and easy to maintain."

Graham, Cambridge