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Glacéau Vitaminwater Promotion
8 September [7:37 pm]

100 Quella Fixie Bikes to Give Away with Glacéau VitaminWater

We are delighted to announce that Quella have launched an exclusive promotion with glacéau vitaminwater and we are giving away 100 Custom Quella One 2015 fixed gear bikes with promotional bottles of vitamin water. We are also offering a huge 25% OFF your next Quella order with every entry! Promotional bottles are available in most major high street stores in the UK. How do I enter? Get yourself a promotional bottle of vitaminwater. promotional bottles are those which have a…

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EyeScan cycle safety systems assist cyclists and drivers
24 March [3:04 pm]

We Support EyeScan in Cambridge!

We recently got word of a great new safety tech development that is picking up speed in the UK and thought you should know about it… EyeScan offers a variety of edge safety systems to assist cyclists and drivers. The system includes blind spot proximity sensors and side sensors that help in the detection of obstacles alongside vehicles. It signals visible and audible alerts to the driver with an external speaking alarm signalling to cyclists and pedestrians of the vehicle’s…

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Quella One 2014 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle
21 November [7:28 pm]

Quella Launches New Site and 2014 One Bicycle

We’re pretty stoked to announce the launch of our new website Along with the new site, we’re also showing off our new fixed gear/single speed bike, the Quella One 2014, which is now available on our new site. We spent a long time thinking about how we could improve our site and in the end we decided that the only way to let the site fulfil its true potential was to start from scratch, giving our designers free reign…

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Avoid the Tube
12 November [3:04 pm]

Ten Reasons to Avoid the Tube

  Yes, we know that us Quella folk are biased against any form of transport that doesn’t include our pretty awesome bikes, however, just to convince all the sceptics out there, here are our ten reasons to avoid the Tube!   1. Personal space invader – The large number of people and the small space they are crammed into can only equate to one thing; no personal space. 2. Armpit air – The title says it all really! They are…

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Hand Built Custom Fixie Bikes
9 September [3:00 pm]

Quella ‘Building a Bicycle’ – An Insight Into our Production Process

Quella recently spent a day shooting with our friends at AMP Creative to give you guys an insight into how our Quella One is built, and demonstrate the care and attention that go in to each and every order – with our founder, Mark Langley, getting his hands on every single bike that is dispatched from our workshop. Quella is the product of a longing to build something and a love of cycling. This love of building bikes has turned…

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Green Quella Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle
5 August [4:32 pm]

4 Reasons to Ride Fixed Gear

“You can always add something to a bike, but you come to a point where you can’t take anything away and that’s a fixed gear bike” – Graeme Obree (Edwards and Leonard, 2009:6) At Quella we are often asked, why ride fixed gear? Surely it seems counter-intuitive to ignore gears and go back to basics? A fixed-gear bike is a thoroughbred racing machine, the cycle messengers’ workhorse (Edwards and Leonard, 2009:1) and, for many, an aesthetic choice. The fixed gear…

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